What is the Smart Village initiative?

In Smart Village access to sustainable energy services acts as a catalyst for development – enabling the provision of good education and healthcare, access to clean water, sanitation and nutrition, the growth of productive enterprises to boost incomes, and enhanced security, gender equality, and democratic engagement.

Why Fiber Optic Cable Network for Smart Village?


  • Optical Fiber has expandable Unlimited Bandwidth capacity.
  • OFC carries high-bandwidth signal at long distance using light waves.
  • It is scalable and reliable for future upgradations and additional bandwidth demands.
  • Fiber is strong medium with a capability of transferring petabytes of data. We use this capability for supporting advanced applications and services like CCTV Surveillance, High-Speed Internet, Multipoint connectivity, Wi-Fi Hotspot, Live Streaming, Smart Street Light and so on.
  • It is inevitable to use OFC backbone against traditional wired medium, wireless medium for high bandwidth intensive applications.
  • These salient features converge OFC backbone to be ”Future-Proof”.
  • OFC network have higher and long-term durable network life.
  • Technological growth and communication of the globe are dependent on OFC infrastructure.

smart Village

Solution On Underground Optical Fiber Cable Network

  • UG OFC Network                                                
  • High-Speed Internet
  • Wi-Fi Hot Spot
  • Village based Wi-Fi Service
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Cable TV
  • Voice (Land line Telephone)
  • Video Conferencing
  • Smart Pole
  • Smart Street Light
  • Public Announcement
  • Digital Display Board
  • e-Education
  • e-Health Care
  • Smart Agriculture
  • e-Payment

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