Persistence in Excellence is in the DNA of RK Infratel Ltd. And in a recent feat, we are proud say that we have done it again in a recent project for connecting BAU Branches of SBI with partnership of Tata Communications limited.

This Project Connects All SBI Branches to each other through Optical fiber network as well as RF Link in remote area. Not only did RK Infratel provide the connectivity in record time in these remote areas despite of number of obstacles, RK Infratel is also appreciated by the officials involved in the project.

“Putting on records the “APPRECIATION”for support in implementing SBI in particular and some of the BAU links. It was with lot of belief we started this partnership with RK INFRATEL and I would say it was a right pick. En-route to SBI implementation while we could see lot of challenges but importantly RK INFRATEL was determined to encounter and mitigate any number of obstacles.

My personal and special thanks to you as you have been sparing time as and when asked for to monitor the project health and progress.

Looking forward to strengthen this relationship further in coming times.”
Mr. Sanjay Bhat / Mr. Taraknath Mitra / Mr. Netaji Patil / Mr. Chirag Amin / Mrs. Meenakshi Gautam -TATA COMMUNICATIONS

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